Anna’s Legacy

I have had an exciting week. I did my first radio interview on 1310 News with Carol Anne Meehan, such a wonderful person. As nervous as I was Carol Anne made me feel at ease. If you are interested in why I became an author and where I get my inspiration to write, take a listen. 1310 News Carol Anne Meehan Show February 15 second half of the 2 -3 pm session.

Last week I announced the partial release of Anna’s Legacy Book ll of The Sackville Hotel Trilogy. I’m happy to say that both e-book and paperback are now available. The official launch is not until April but here are the links for those of you who have been waiting patiently. Amazon link will take you all Amazon stores. Both e-book and paperback Link for Kobo readers  E-book 

Excerpt from Anna’s Legacy…

Links to earlier excerpts October 22 and February 4

The renovations were ninety percent complete. All the guest areas had been painted and decorated with new carpets and wall coverings. A dance floor had been installed, with a platform for a trio or quartet for dinner dances. The lounge area furnishings had arrived. Comfortable chairs and sofas had been re-upholstered, in soft, restful pastel shades. Anna was pleased that she had resisted the bright, fashionable post-war colours. The wooden side tables blended well with small, warmly-glowing lamps in conversation groupings.

The lobby had been reconfigured, eliminating the massive general manager’s office, which allowed for a new lounge area next to the concierge’s desk for guests waiting for reception services or transportation. Two new offices were built next to the telephone exchange and located to the side of the reception desk, one for Anna and one for James. Both offices were bright with windows looking across the Promenade to the sea, a contrast to the old dark original office and dispelling the vile Mr. Pickles’ aura. Anna wondered how such things could linger for so many years. Perhaps it is me that can’t let it go. Continue reading

Gotta Hurry, It’s Here, Ann’s Here!

Gotta get a copy now!

Anna’s Legacy Book ll of The Sackville Hotel Trilogy is now available on Amazon, Kindle and Kobo, in US, Canada and UK, other retailers any day now. Because of a pre-scheduled trip to the UK I am not able to do the official launch until April. For those of you who have been patiently waiting —Get your early bird e-book, print is to follow fast.

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Anna’s Legacy is the continuation of Anna’s story at The Sackville Hotel. It is advisable, but not essential to read Book I The Blue Pendant first. Print and e-books readily available. The prequel Ruins in Silk is available as a FREE e-book download.



Secrets and hidden agendas lurk below the surface of Anna and Bill’s success as hoteliers in post-WWII Britain. Bill’s culinary talent feeds society’s elite while Anna nourishes their appetite for pampered luxury. A gender bias bank manager, a royal wedding and a communist gang almost bankrupt them. Daughter Isabelle joins Anna with innovative programs for the hotel guests but her hidden flirtatious agenda complicates a fragile mother and daughter relationship and hovers on the edge of destroying her marriage.

Mr. Smyth, an experienced and skilled maître d’ who charms the guests but challenges, even frightens Anna, has the darkest secret of all; a secret that is murderous, seeped with hatred and revenge that rips open Anna’s heart, possibly destroying everything she holds dear.

I’m waiting

“I’m waiting. I’m here on the couch ready to cuddle up with you and a good book.”

Susan’s The Blue Pendant – Book 1 of The Sackville Hotel Trilogy will be on special..

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Wednesday, February 1st  

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Here’s an excerpt from The Blue Pendant

Introduction: Anna has arrived at The Sackville Hotel where she will take up her position as secretary/receptionist.

“Miss Neale, as head housekeeper I am responsible for the discipline and care of all the female staff. In addition to etiquette, which I expect you to be familiar with, there are rules to be followed at all times. I am strict, but fair.” As she spoke, her demeanour changed. Anna could have sworn her stays tightened, and the bun on her head pulled on its pins—she had Anna’s attention.

“To break these rules may result in dismissal. Mr. Pickles looks after the male staff and he reports all staff activities directly to the owners, Kendrick Hotels Ltd., and is responsible for the overall management of the hotel. His word is final.” Mrs. Banks hesitated, cleared her throat, and took a sip of tea before continuing. “At times you will be working closely with Mr. Pickles in the office. Your predecessor, Edith was…” She hesitated again, taking another sip of tea. The cup rattled on the saucer. “Miss Neale, you will conduct your duties as instructed by Mr. Pickles.” She cleared her throat. “But should you…,” Mrs. Banks paused, “find his requests unusual or of a personal nature…”

The question was left hanging. Anna expected Mrs. Banks to finish the sentence but instead, she rambled on about more rules. Confused and bored, Anna began to fidget. She had a natural aversion to rules, but whether she liked them or not, she felt she had better comply.

“Have I made everything clear? Do you agree to abide by these rules?”

“Yes, Mrs. Banks.”

“That is all. You will report to Mr. Pickles at eight o’clock in the morning in his office by the reception counter. Breakfast is served after six and no later than seven. Now off to bed with you and get some rest. We don’t want any fainting spells tomorrow.” Anna’s cheeks flushed. Mrs. Banks smiled.

** Continue reading

Between Novels

Between Novels – I seem to have been between novels for much too long and I am itching to get on with book three of the trilogy. Anna’s Legacy is so close to release. I can’t find the right cover design. I was spoiled with  Ruins in Silk and The Blue Pendant both covers wowed me immediately. I have faith and I know the designer will work his magic.

When writing fiction I live the story with the characters, which makes it difficult to have two fiction books in my head at the same time, even though book three is about Anna it will be different. Anna’s story draws to a close and granddaughter Sarah grows up and embarks on her own journey, following her grandmother’s footsteps in a different time and different era.

Writing is as essential to me as food and water. Appeasing my hunger for writing I have switched to nonfiction, which I can write between novels. I am writing about my life, a light-hearted look at life as an indie author. I hope this will be of interest to authors and readers alike. Whatever the results it keeps me busy.

Book Clubs

The Blue Pendant is an ideal book for book clubs. I am pleased to announce a downloadable PDF document listing suggestions for discussion and questions for book clubs. Book Club Info. There are a limited number of copies of The Blue Pendant available for loan to book clubs in Ottawa. Contact Susan for details.


Change and Challenge!

Change and challenge that is how I see this next year. I have lofty expectations of me and my writing this year and for my readers, there will be a little of everything. The long-awaited Anna’s Legacy – Book II of The Sackville Hotel Trilogy is due for release shortly, Tellwell is working feverishly on the cover.  Book III of the trilogy will be out late this year. My new character Eleanor will be appearing in more short stories in Algonquin Park and I might if there’s time, write more romance for Frances and Paul at Mr. Booker’s Book Store. I think that will be it for fiction. I am working on a series of humorous, lighthearted non-fiction books about my life as an author and there will be more journals. Quite a tall order for one year, but as Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn said to me if you accomplish all your goals for the year, you didn’t set the bar high enough. The bar is set pretty high for 2017.

I’m trying not to be obsessed about the new year thing as Kristen Joy Laidig of The Book Ninja said in her webinar, January 1st is just a date same as another date. If we want to make changes we do it NOW don’t wait for tomorrow or a number of the month. Excellent advice

But…but… couldn’t I start my diet-project-plan tomorrow? No! Start right now. And on that note, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and there is no better way than to raise your glasses with these cute dogs–adorable!

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Santa’s on his way!


To all book lovers and readers – my holiday message to you is that Santa brings you a sleigh full of books.


Oh my, I’m excited just thinking of all those hours of reading.

A bundle of books for everyone.

Warm Christmas Wishes and

A happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


Women or Ladies?

I know I date myself when I use the word ladies rather than women (spellcheck tells me I’m biased. I think it’s respect) and I don’t mind one bit. I am proud of my maturity, it took a long time to get here with many grey hairs, wrinkles, wounds and scars to show for it. Why wouldn’t I be proud? My maturity allows me to write about mature women.

I know how her life experiences, fears, family, career, love and losses, have influenced and changed her life. Developing a character is far more than adjectives on a page. I look deep inside her soul, what made her who she is and why? Based on her past how would she behave now? How would she live her life; respond to losses and achievements, love her family and her husband/partner–romance doesn’t die with youth. A woman of mature age has a richness and complexity about her that younger women can’t have because they are young. Although youth brings many other attributes, just by its very nature youth cannot be mature.

Protagonist, Anna in The Sackville Hotel Trilogy starts out as a nineteen year old woman seeking independence. Mrs. Banks and Lady Thornton are mature women who play a significant part in Anna’s maturity. By the end of the trilogy Anna is in her sixties, her life has changed drastically she has experienced fear, happiness, loss, hope, love and disaster. She loved twice, differently, once in her youth and once as a mature women.

I have developed three more mature lady characters in my short stories. Some of you will be familiar with Black Lake Chronicles. Hannah, an armateur sleuth, is in her mid-sixties, getting into scrapes and danger but always has her husband Tom to depend on. Eleanor’s Writing Adventures is a new series I’m writing. Eleanor who is a hobby writer has recently escaped her corporate job to write. And then there is Frances in the Chance Encounter series. Frances is a shy spinster preparing to retire from her boring job at the bank; her passion is reading and she bumps into a divorced, shy professor at Mr. Booker’s Book Store. All these characters have a richness to bring to the page, a richness I enjoy writing and like-minded ladies will enjoy reading.

Note: Black Lake Chronicles are available on the My Book page – Chance Encounter first published at Commuter Lit and is soon to be an e-book. Eleanor’s Writing Adventures is a work in progress. First story Eleanor Does Not Camp! was published in Thirty at Thirty by The Ottawa Independent Writers. For more information please contact Susan


Busy Bee!

Busy Bee, a strange title but describes my week. Technically I am between books so to speak. I have made some changes to the covers of The Blue Pendant and Ruins in Silk to reflect, The Sackville Hotel Trilogy, changes. Book two of the trilogy is now complete and at Tellwell for them to work their magic with cover design and formatting;  book three is outlined and ready to be written. However, although the author in me is anxious to get on with book three, I have trouble multitasking stories, which means I need to wait before diving into The Heirloom Gem – Book 3. So, as if I don’t have enough to do, I took a course on journal design from an amazing woman, Kristen Joy Laidig, and then taught myself Adobe InDesign. What a massive learning curve but I did it, at the expense of tearing my hair out, I think I have a few bald patches but who needs hair!  This led to twisting my, very talented artistic, daughter Rosemary’s arm into working with me to design a colouring book, complete with quotes from The Sackville Hotel Trilogy, work is underway, completion date early 2017.

What to do with my new-found talent? Being an avid reader and book collector I designed not one but two book tracking journals for people like me who can’t remember which books they’ve read or where they are in a series, or whether or not they liked or disliked the books and authors, and much more. Each journal includes thirty-five quotations from famous authors, mostly female and in journal two all are from the classics.

A Book Tracking Journal For Ladies Who Love to Read Book I

A Brilliant Idea! To keep track of books, authors, facts and figures

Each journal quotes thirty-five famous authors

Each journal quotes thirty-five famous authors


Journal 1 is available now at Amazon and can be delivered before Christmas. Journal 2 will up by Monday.

I will have a limited supply here in about a week.

BIG EVENT! Remember I mentioned that I had been interviewed and recorded for my first podcast, very exciting; the podcast goes live on Monday December 5th. Log in to, and listen to my conversation with the lovely Alexandra Amor of about my writing life.