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Ms Leila and Miss Penny

My assistant Miss Penny had an exciting day yesterday, a visit from her mom, Leila. I am not sure that Leila was as excited. She is an extremely tolerant mom and allows Miss Penny to chew her ears, jump on her and pull her along the floor. Leila was rescued from a puppy farm when she was pregnant with Miss Penny and six other little ones. It isn’t hard to see that Leila is a gentle, docile soul but her early experience has taught her to be suspicious around humans and other than her adopted owner Kathleen she is nervous around people. I have difficulty understanding how people can be cruel to defenseless creatures like Leila just to make money. All Leila’s puppies were adopted into good loving homes, and there is one less puppy farm in the area. 

I wonder about human nature. I am currently researching nursing in WW 1 for the new Sophie Series (working title) of books. The contrast of human nature, from killing and maiming to the compassion of healing and comfort for the dying. The men responsible for declaring war see only control and the gains of victory. There is no victory in war. I researched this war while writing The Blue Pendant Book 1 of The Sackville hotel Trilogy, Alex Walker served in WW 1. Alex wrote to his wife about the horrendous conditions for the soldiers, but I don’t think I fully understood the horrors, the fear and pain. The field hospitals, nurses and doctor saw war at its worst, not fighting with guns but fighting to keep soldiers alive and fighting for lives that would never be the same. Perhaps because the reading I’m doing at the moment is from a woman’s point of view, the focus is no longer physical combat, fighting to the death but on compassion for the men and fighting for the living. Human nature at its worst and its best. 

Books I’m reading:  A new book not opened yet, the smell of the print and the feel of the paper. I am excited. Yesterday I delivered some of my books to Coles Bookstore in Billings Bridge (great bookstore).  I spotted Elizabeth George’s new book, on sale, the punishment she deserves  A Lynley Novel. And, I love thick books, 690 pages I can’t wait to disappear into the mystery world with Detective Inspector Lynley and Detective Sergeant Havers. 


Nonfiction reading has moved from writing to research for the upcoming Sophie Series for research about the Great War. The Nurses of Passchendaele by Christine E. Hallett and Dorothea’s War by Dorothea Crewden.


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The Blue Pendant Book I     Anna’s Legacy Book II    Sarah’s Choice Book III

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