Ruins in Silk

Tragedy lurks in the shadows of soft Italian silk. 

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Her mother’s death sets a path of tragedy; betrayal, misguided love and murder. Devoted to her father Sophie faces one last unimaginable tragedy. Can Sophie survive?

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Little Dog Lost by Susan Jennings


Little Dog Lost, Reiki Found – Lost in a Canadian ice storm Buddy-boy waits. Will he be found in time?

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Gillian’s Ghostly Dilemma – Time is running out. Can she lead them to her murdered before she crosses over?

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A Grave Secret by Susan A. Jennings


The Grave Secret – Heartbroken with grief Sue’s dead husband’s past catches up with unforgivable consequences

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The Angel Card – As Gaby broke through the glass ceiling little did she know the danger was lurking close to home and now her life was at stake.

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